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Truth About Whey Protein Ebook

http://www.defensenutrition.com/truth-about-whey-protein/ - Get Free Whey Protein Report By Ori Hofmekler.

Martes, Mayo 27, 2014

Reader Mailbag: Warrior Diet Food Questions

Though grass-fed butter is good as a condiment, it should not be used as a primary fuel. visit: http://www.defensenutrition.com/blog/?p=1249

Reader Mailbag: Warrior Diet Food Questions

Reader Mailbag: Warrior Diet Food Questions

Generally animal based proteins yield highest biological value in their raw state. This is true for meat, fish and dairy including whey. However due to safety issue and high racemization rates of animal flesh food such as meat, fish and seafood. (racemization is a process where proteins convert from L form into D form which is toxic the human body) I do not recommend eating animal flesh raw unless properly cured, such as for instance naturally cured salmon, black code or tuna sahimi. As for eggs, I’d rather eat them poached than raw.

Do We Need To Take Glutathione Supplements?

To keep your body healthy and strong, you need to sustain high levels of glutathione. >> http://www.defensenutrition.com/blog/?p=1144

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LAST DAY Memorial Day Savings on Whey Protein!

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Memorial Day Sale

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Young Blood Study is Misleading

http://www.defensenutrition.com/blog/?p=1234 - Injecting young mice's blood into older mice resulted in the rejuvenation of the older mice.

Miyerkules, Mayo 14, 2014

Cacao Nibs

http://bit.ly/enrobednibs - Studies have shown that cocoa polyphenols help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, increase insulin sensitivity, reduce inflammation, boost cognitive functions, improve circulation and enhance muscle performance.

Martes, Mayo 13, 2014

Defense Nutrition's Enrobed Cacao Nibs

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Risks of the Apple Cider Vinegar

Risks of the Apple Cider Vinegar

All vinegars including apple cider vinegar work like a double edge sword. Acidification of the body can be a serious issue with people that suffer from acidity.

Biyernes, Mayo 2, 2014

Factors Affecting Protein Utilization

The main factor in protein utilization is insulin sensitivity. High insulin sensitivity allows you utilize maximum protein from minimum food. If your goal is is sustainability don’t even bother about your protein. If however your goal is to gain muscle gradually increase your protein intake until noticing results. Remember your training is a critical factor too. I am not a big believer in counting protein per body weight. Use your instincts and common sense, enjoy your meals and even more so enjoy your life. Counting protein is unnatural and unnecessary.

Do We Need To Take Glutathione Supplements?

Glutathione is a key cellular component, known as the body’s most
powerful antioxidant. It is a tri-peptide constructed from three amino
acids through a special enzymatic process and appears in all cells and
tissues. There is currently a great hype about glutathione
supplementation. It is highly popularized as a “miracle” means to boost
health, prevent disease and fight aging. So is glutathione a miracle
pill? Let’s examine the facts.

Do We Need To Take Glutathione Supplements?

Huwebes, Mayo 1, 2014

The Origin Of The Human Diet

The Origin Of The Human Diet - Seed-nut diet has kept humans alive in times when animal food was not accessible, providing sufficient protein, nutrients, & fuel calories to sustain life.