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Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine Interview

Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine Interview

Continuing with the theme of intermittent fasting for martial arts
weight management and performance, this month will feature one of the
well established intermittent fasting regimes, called the Warrior Diet.
This form of IF was developed by a former Israeli Special Forces
operative, Ori Hofmekler, and is particularly suited to hard-training

The Warrior Diet, in a nutshell, involves using a 20 hour undereating
period to turn on the fasting metabolism (fat burning) and compensating
with a 4 hour overeating period (to boost metabolic rate and provide
all the necessary nutrients for good health and performance). Obviously,
eating this way will lead to a new set of metabolic systems becoming
prominent because the body will be fueled differently to that of a
person who eats large meals more regularly.

It also leads to a different form of gene expression which favours
athletic development, better health and increased longevity (these are
the benefits of regular periods of calorie restriction and are well
documented in clinical research). The fact that this regular calorie
restriction is interrupted by heavy eating every day is irrelevant in
relation to the gene expression I’ve just mentioned, which is why you
can crush cravings by being able to eat freely every day, so long as
calorie restriction is strictly observed.

Learn about the Warrior Diet from Ori himself by reading the Q & A

 Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine Interview

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