Linggo, Hulyo 20, 2014

Can You Stop Physical Aging?

Intermittent fasting (from morning to evening not including post exercise recovery meal) can be done in three ways: fasting, undereating or pulse feeding

  • Fasting – If you choose to fast you can do water fating or vegetable juice fasting (have one up to a few vegetable juices daily).
  • Undereating – If you choose to undereat rather than fast, minimize your food intake during the day to small servings of light, low glycemic mostly raw foods such as fruits, vegetables, whey protein or lightly poached eggs every 4-6 hours.
  • Pulse feeding fibers – Pulse feeding involves frequent use of small whey protein meals with no sugar added every 3-5 hours throughout the day. This regimen is geared towards athletes; we’ll cover it in more detail soon.
As a general rule, have recovery meal (whey protein) after your workout and eat your main meal at night. Intermittent fasting has been recognized as a proven effective strategy to help negate physical and cognitive aging. Adding exercise to this routine will “seal the deal” and shoot the anti-aging impact of this regimen to another level. 

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