Martes, Hulyo 22, 2014

Pre-Workout Nutrition

I’d like to put the record straight regarding pre-workout nutrition. This is a tricky topic that requires a short biological and science overview, so bear with me.

Growing body of research indicates that nature selects underfed species for extended life-span and vice versa – it shortens the life expectancy of overfed species. Humans are no exception.

The human body evolved to thrive under nutritional stress.

It is hard to accept the harsh reality of this phenomenon, when so
many people are overfed (and overweight) and everything around seems so
routinely normal. Regardless, you need to be aware of the life-extending
benefits of underfeeding and fasting vs. the life-shortening risk
associated with overfeeding and lack of fasting. But there is more to

Recent research at the University of Southern California reveals that
extreme intermittent fasting induces even stronger rejuvenating effects
on cells and tissues than those coming from mild fasting or
underfeeding; apparently due to one factor – Pre-Workout Nutrition

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