Biyernes, Agosto 1, 2014

The Secret to Burning Stubborn Fat

The Secret to Burning Stubborn Fat
Chad and Ori got together again, this time to discuss boosting thyroid and eliminating stubborn fat. Please see the interview below.
Chad Waterbury: Ori, thanks for coming back to talk with us. First, explain why the thyroid is so important for fat loss and overall health.
Ori Hofmekler: My pleasure, Chad. The thyroid hormones regulate your body’s energy utilization, metabolic rate, body heat and they also regulate how sensitive your body is to other hormones. Hence, your thyroid hormones affect your capacity to produce energy, burn fat, and sustain a healthy metabolism.
Chad Waterbury: That explanation alone should make people realize just how crucial thyroid hormones are for fat loss. What happens when the thyroid isn’t working like it should?

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